Flexible offices - Way to move forward post Lock down and COVID

The way workers view the workplace has undoubtedly changed after months of working from home, and as companies slowly welcome employees back into the office, the future of commercial real estate will look much different.

Nitin Bighane, Cofounder Grit Coworks believes that its important for companies in the current scenario to have work spaces which provide clients flexibility to expand, contract, grow, de-grow, and get basic business requirements like conference rooms, meeting rooms, receptions services as per their need and as per their usage. So an all around flexibility is required to help businesses come out of the situation. One need to embrace uncertainty in coming months.

Bryan Murphy, CEO of flexible workspace firm Breather, said that tenants will understandably have concerns about coming back to a dense workspace. Therefore, companies will need to make adjustments to their every day operations to ensure the health of occupants.

“I see COVID-19 being a catalyst for truly flexible workspace,” said Murphy. “As business owners and operators re-evaluate their space needs, they will seek out solutions that enable them to only pay for the amount of space they need, when and where they need it. We will also see changes in terms of office layout and design.”

Murphy added that he expects to see more touchless technology installed within offices, as well as staggered desk plans to keep tenants at a safe distance. At Breather, members are able to rent private offices, so following distancing guidelines and cleaning protocols is a bit easier.

Having the ability to scale up or down on a short-term will become even more enticing after the pandemic, and those that offer private areas will be the ideal solution. Companies using flexible offices will be able to cut costs, keep workers safe, and reduce the risk of a long-term lease

Source: https://allwork.space/2020/05/flexible-offices-are-the-ideal-workplace-choice-moving-forward/?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=flexible-offices-are-the-ideal-workplace-choice-moving-forward